About Us

Welcome to Professional Masterclass Academy (PMA), an educational hub crafted by industry professionals devoted to empowering individuals through custom training programs designed to elevate skills and propel professional success. We are dedicated to providing educational opportunities to all, irrespective of their familiarities. Our tailored training experiences are meticulously curated to cater to the unique learning requirements of every student, ensuring comprehensive mastery of concepts and applications for personal and professional growth

Our Mission: "Empower individuals by providing a personalized curriculum and support system, ensuring professional success"

Meet the Team!


Prashanth Madhi, P.Eng

Chief Executive Officer

Armani Araujo

Chief Operating Officer

Instructors and Consultants


Praveen Gunasekar, MBA

AWS Seasonal Instructor


Siva Balasingham

Microsoft Certified Trainer


Gowtham Kolluru

SEO Consultant

Advisory Group

Adam Faux

Cloud Expert

Andrew McEdwards

Cloud Expert

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